2019 Local Results
Date Location Event
ResultsSpring Hill, FL, USA Canis Major #4
ResultsJoure, Friesland, NLD Joustercup
ResultsCovina, CA, USA UFO Local
ResultsRiethoven, North Brabant, NLD Amazing Frisbee Cup
ResultsHürth, NRW, DEU Dompokal 19
ResultsDavison, MI, USA 10th Annual Stetson Cup
ResultsJoliet, IL, USA MDDC UFO Local
ResultsBrummen, Gelderland, NLD IJsselcup
ResultsLinden, North Brabant, NLD Fame'ous Frisbee Cup
ResultsBremen, Bremen, DEU Stadtmusikanten Cup
ResultsAosta, Aosta Valley, ITA UFO local Aosta
ResultsFt. Collins, CO, USA Payton Classic
July 27th, 2019Dundonald, Ayrshire, SCO The Flying Scots - Disc World Cup Qualifier
July 27th, 2019Nieuwegein, Utrecht, NLD the New Manics Bouncerscup
August 4th, 2019Davison, MI, USA UFO Local
August 18th, 2019Puurs, Antwerp, BEL Belgisch UFO Local
October 5th, 2019Lancaster, CA, USA Crusty Classic/Golden State Championship

2019 T&C Local Results
Date Location Event
ResultsDavison, MI, USA 6th Annual Winter Toss & Fetch Championship: Michigan Style
ResultsWinterthur, Zurich, CHE Distance Series Switzerland - #1
ResultsGoldach, St. Gallen, CHE Distance Series Switzerland - #2
ResultsRoggwil, Bern, CHE Distance Series Switzerland - #3
ResultsRound Rock, TX, USA Big Bang Throw Down
ResultsMellingen, Aargau, CHE Distance Series Switzerland - #4
ResultsWängi, Thurgau, CHE Distance Series Switzerland - Finale
ResultsLittleton, CO, USA Rocky Mountain Throw Down
ResultsBaytown, TX, USA DDGH's Inaugural UFO TC Local