Discs Approved for UFO Events

The Following discs are approved for use at UFO events: Wham-O Fastback and Eurablend, Hyperflite K-10, Hyperflite Jawz, Hyperflite Z-Disc, Hero Air, Hero Xtra, Super Hero and Hero Sonic discs, Dogstar discs including the DR and the Dogstar Crusher, the MamaDisc Standard- light and medium, MamaDisc Mini, and Trixie "Dog Activity" discs.

These discs are approved for use during all UFO Major and Local and D-Tour Tournaments. The UFO may provide event discs, but competitors are allowed to use their own discs. Any disc not provided by the UFO must be in new condition. If a competitor has any questions as to whether a disc is acceptable for use, they are strongly encouraged to seek out UFO officials for guidance. The UFO reserves the right to deny the use of any disc it deems to be outside of these guidelines and will provide UFO competition discs as a replacement.

Any Manufacturer that wishes to have their disc approved for use in the UFO World Cup Series will need to contact Chris Sexton (eyebum@gmail.com). Samples of each disc (and each plastic variation) must be sent to the UFO Board for review.

New for 2017
All discs must be 150 grams or less.