UFO World Cup Finals

The UFO World Cup Final is the pinnacle of disc-dog competition. The event is only open to the top dogs in the world-they most compete all year long to earn a spot in this prestigious event.
To qualify for the finals, a team must earn 85 World Cup points in the regular season. This total computed by adding the points from the teams' 2 highest finishes at Majors, added to their 2 highest finishes at Local events. Teams can attend more than 2 of each of these events, of course, to try to improve their finishes. The final UFO Major, which is typically the day before the UFO Finals, is the last chance to earn World Cup points. At the end of this event, the official points tally will be computed, and all teams with 85 World Cup points are eligible to compete in the World Cup Finals.
New for 2016, The World Cup Finals are now "Winner Take All". The Champions are determined by the result of the event. The World Cup points will no longer play a part in determining the UFO World Cup Champion. The winner of the World Cup Final is the World Cup Champion.

Ties in the World Cup Series
In the event of a tie in World Cup points for any of the top 3 places in the World Cup standings, the team that finished higher in the Finals event will be given the higher placement for the Series.