World Cup Series
The UFO World Cup Series is a globe spanning event series to determine the best frisbee dog team on planet earth. This is a "points series" where teams compete in events earning "World Cup Points" similar to NASCAR or World Cup Skiing.
Competitors earn points toward their standing in the UFO World Cup Series based on their performance at Major and Local Tournaments, as well as the UFO World Cup Finals. At the end of the season, when the UFO Finals are complete, the team with the highest World Cup point total are declared the World Cup Champions.

Teams will only earn World Cup points in the Open Division at all UFO events. Only 1 set of points is awarded at each event. Teams earning at least 85 World Cup points are qualified for the UFO World Cup Finals. the Finals event is also an opportunity to earn World Cup points, and uses the same scale as UFO Majors. These points will be added to the total points each competitor has coming into the Finals. In the event of a tie for first place, the order of finish of the tied teams in the World Cup Finals will determine the Overall Champions (The higher finishing team in the Final will be the World Cup Champions.)