Club Championship
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2013 World Cup Club Standings
Rank Club (ID) JP CA FL CH1 IND ORE NL CO MD IL ECFinalMajor TX WCFinalMajor Total
1Colorado Disc Dogs (CDD) 2416317285606
2Disc Dogs in Southern California (D2ISC) 19744168832970591
3Central Florida Disc Dog Club (CFDDC) 13931941020294
4Hi Flyn Heelers (HiFly) 30108865193
5Disc Dogs of Michigan (DDM) 496045154
6DiscDog Ostschwiiz (DDO) 762338137
7Dallas Dog and Disc (DDD) 195751127
8DiscKillaz (DK) 511551117
9Fly em High (FEH) 194045104
10Indy Dog and Disc Club (IDDC) 672087
11Crazy Cattle Dogs (CCD) 30253085
12Houston Canine Frisbee Disc Club (HCFDC) 10481068
13Disc-Raiders (DRaid) 23192365
14Mid-Atlantic Disc Dogs (MADDOGs) 471360
15The New Frisbee Maniacs (NFM) 5555
16Off-Hand (Off-Hand) 342054
17Fun Dog Team (FDT) 173047
18Disc Dogs of the Golden Gate (DDGG) 351045
19Flying k9 Luthe (FK9L) 10201040
20Kansas City Disc Dogs (KCDD) 3939
21Flipsi (FLP) 191938
21Washington Owners Of Flying Disc Dogs (WOOFD2) 3838
23Disc Dogs of New Mexico (DDNM) 102535
23Fortuna Jumpers (FJ) 152035
25PauVi - DiscDogs (PVDD) 3333
26Minnesota Disc Dog Club (MNDDC) 3232
27Flying-Dogs-Kaufbeuren (FDK) 151530
27Atomic Disc Dogs (ADD) 3030
27Big Sky Bat Dogs (BSBD) 102030
27Spacy-Discdogs (Spacy) 10101030
31Hard Disc Frisbee (HDC) 131326
31RDP (RDP) 2626
33Southern Ohio Flying K9s (SOFK9S) 101525
33Midwest Disc Dog Club (MidDC) 2525
33Frantic Flying Dogs (FranticFD) 1051025
36DiscoverFrisbee (DF) 2020
36Kyno Catchers (KC) 2020
36High Flying Canines (HFC) 2020
36Koutou (Koutou) 2020
36Chuckin Chillers (CHCH) 101020
36M.A.D. Happy Tails (MHT) 2020
36St. Louis Disc Dogs (SLDD) 2020
43The NPA (NPA) 1919
44Flying DiscDogs of Oregon (FLYDO) 1515
45Rock-a-bello (RaB) 1414
46Chiba Kenken Club (CKKC) 1313
46DiscColored Canine (DCC) 1313
48Canis Discus (CD) 5510
48Paws2Jump (P2J) 5510
48Winthy-Jumpers (WJ) 5510 (DDCH) 1010
48Dippy Disc Dogs (Dippy) 1010
48Frisbee Maniacs (FM) 1010
48Appalachian Air Canines (AAC) 1010
48Daddle doo (DDOO) 5510
56Ms Fun (Ms Fun) 88
57Wudica (Wudica) 66
58Missouri Disc Dog Club (MDDC) 55
58Passo Amigo (PA) 55
58Bluegrass Area Disc Dogs (BADDogs) 55
58Flying Freaks (FF) 55
58Wet Tails K9 Disc Sport Team (WTK9) 55
58Chaos Esthetix (CE) 55
58Go With The Flow (GWTF) 55