2017 NFM Cup
Date: June 17th, 2017
Live Results!
Location: Camping Samoza,
Vierhouten, Gelderland, NLD

Hosted By: The New Frisbee Maniacs
Website: http://www.newfrisbeemaniacs.nl
Contact: Marcel Koning
email: info@dogfrisbeedemoteam.nl
phone: 06-57545473
Additional Information:
On June 17 and 18 The New Frisbee Maniacs are organizing a frisbee game at the campsite Samoza in Vierhouten.

On Saterday and sunday we will be playing UFO MAJOR and on UFO Longshot (rules)

As you can aspect from us we will make it a great and fun weekend! On Saturday there will be a good BBQ and we have some great ideas for the activities that evening. We will let you know on Saturday evening what the activities will be. If you want to take part in the BBQ please subscribe in advance by filling in the application form.

You can reserve a camping space by calling this number: +31 36 522 8358 or send a Email to info@samoza.nl When you let them know that you are coming for the frisbee weekend, they will tell you which places are available. When you are coming with a group and you would like to camp with eachother, please let them know so they can check the possibilities.


We hope to see you all on June 17th and 18th at the campsite Samoza in Vierhouten.

UFO World Cup Major Map